Battery Cleanliness

We use powerhouse battery cleaners as well as good old fashion baking soda and water and scrubbing.

These cleaners are environmentally safe

> Powerhouse Cleaners are the first to be specifically formulated for battery cleaning and acid neutralizing capabilities.  Powerhouse Cleaners are environmentally safe battery cleaners.  Along with battery cleaning products, Powerhouse offers industrial battery parts, citrus cleaner (concentrate), fork lift degreaser, quick response acid spill kits and foaming application equipment. 

> Step By Step Battery Cleaning Process:




> Spray Corrosion Remover directly on corroded areas of the battery, let stand.

> Spray Battery Cleaner across the entire top of the battery, let sit for 5-10 minutes.                                             

> Rinse off (in the picture used a standard garden hose). 

> For more information on each product please go to the Online Catalog.


> Routine maintenance of your products can help in many ways.  The benefits of a clean battery include, but are not limited to:


> Helps battery run more efficiently.

> Eliminates employee exposure to dirt and acid build up.

> Eliminates battery self-discharge.

> Eliminates harmful corrosion which may cause acid leaks and tray deterioration.

> Improves the recharge efficiency.  

> Eliminates grounds and shorts.

Price: $100 for the first Battery and  $35 for each additional Battery. This includes cleaners and is at your location. Pickup and cleaned at our shop is extra.

We come to you or pickup the battery .The choice is yours but it makes a huge difference in the appearance and operation of the battery. A dirty battery will self discharge and that means less running time. Dirty batteries often give off a rotten egg smell and  no operator enjoys.

Before cleaning and after cleaning!!

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